2016, 50:07   Acoustic piano featuring acoustic violin
A Rich Life is a journey searching for the truly important things: family, friends, the joy of a meaningful life. Featuring the epic nearly-fourteen-minute-long, recorded live in one take—Time Keeps Slipping By—presenting Howard Geisel on acoustic violin, A Rich Life is reminiscent of the dreamy piano of One Day, but with the richness and immediacy of acoustic live piano.

2012, 60:56   Orchestrated piano and synth with emphatic percussion and instrumental voice
Rejuvenation is designed to promote healing--of the mind, body and spirit. Through the depths of pain and loss, to the heights of praise and joy, Rejuvenation revitalizes, bringing new life.

2005, 68:43   Dreamy piano with lush flute and atmospheric sounsdscapes
One Day is a dreamy escape from life's chaos...uplifting, reflective and relaxing...chill out to a peace-filled soundtrack drowning the noise, quelling the fatigue...