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Just a sampling of what we do. More to follow soon...

Who We Were

Mark provides ethereal ambient piano, screaming organ, and Enya-ish synth, with some soundtrack strings. Esther beats the drums. No, really. Her high school experience leaves much to be desired, and is filled with extremeism and fascist protocols, so her drumming verges on the hardcore. This fits in nicely with Tim's guitar work, which veers to the metal side, but also incorporates blues, and funky bass. We're an eclectic bunch, but that's what makes us so much fun. And we're looking for a bassisst and vocalists who know how to rock...

Original All The Time

There are some truly awesome bands out there who compose great songs. We play OUR stuff. Some bands play covers well. We concentrate on jammin', riffin' and having as much fun making noise, um...I mean, MUSIC as we can.

...becoming anonymous... jams, and therefore our sound is constantly evolving. We're always fun though, and we would love to take you on a journey from peaceful solace to jumping, dancing, head-banging craziness.

Who We ARE

Mark is still composing music all the time--soothing instrumental piano for prayer, meditation and therapy, and soundtracks for film and other multimedia. Esther is at college at Texas A&M, so it's difficult to practice anymore, and since Tim is off being busy somewhere ...becoming anonymous... is rather defunct at the moment. Mark and Tim have totally talked about cleaning up all the stuff we wrote and releasing a studio album / digital album, but only if there's enough people interested. Shoot us an email if you'd like something like that.

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